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The Ubiquity of Social Media in Education, Business and Politics


Social media is everywhere we turn.  Education, business, and politics have been transformed by social media.  Read on for a sampling of Booth Library books that explore social media issues that we encounter in our daily lives.


Social Media in Education

image of a book cover#Republic: divided democracy in the age of social media
HM851 .S869 2017

Building a Professional Teaching Identity on Social Media: A constellation of selves
SpringerLink Electronic Book

Social Works: How #HigherEd uses #SocialMedia to Raise Money, Build Awareness, Recruit Students, and Get Results
LB2342.82 .S63 2013x

Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best PracticesBook Cover Image
LB1044.87 .J667 2012

Postsecondary Play: The Role of Games and Social Media in Higher Education
LB2395.7 .P68 2014

Using Social Media Effectively in the Classroom: Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, and More
LB1044.87 .S46 2013

Social Media for School Leaders: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Facebook, Twitter, and Other Essential Web Tools
LB1028.3 .D585 2012

Social Media and the New Academic Environment: Pedagogical Challenges
HM742 .S628193 2013


Social Media in Business

The Social Organization: managing human capital through social media
a SpringerLink Electronic Book

Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement
CARLI eBooks

Advanced Social Media Marketing: How to Lead, Launch, and Manage a Successful Social Media Program
Electronic Book

Book Cover ImageThe Social Media Handbook: Policies and Best Practices to Effectively Manage Your Organization’s Social Media Presence, Posts, and Potential Risks
HM742 .F58 2012

The Art of Social Selling: Finding and Engaging Customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Other Social Networks
HF5415.1265 .B45 2014

Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days: Master Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for Business
CARLI eBooks

Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits
HD62.6 .M3676 2012


Social Media in Politics


Revolution in the Age of Social Media: the Egyptian Popular Insurrection and the Internet
Book Cover Image

Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics
Kerric Harvey (ed)
Sage Electronic Reference Book 

Social Media in Politics: Case Studies on the Political Power of Social Media
Bogdan Patrut, Monica Patrut, editors
Springer Electronic Book

Social Media Go to War: Rage, Rebellion and Revolution in the Age of Twitter
Ralph D. Berenger (ed)
HM742 .S628196 2013x

Rhetoric Online: The Politics of New Media
Barbara Warnick and David Heineman
P301.5.P67 W37 2012

The Social Basis of the Rational Citizen: How Political Communication in Social Networks Improves Civic Competence
Sean Richey
JA85 .R54 2014




US presidential elections and other uncivilized brawls

Our presidential elections are passionate, contentious, full of soaring rhetoric, beautiful oratory, underhanded, back-room, dirty-pool, cultural spectacles, and among the most important events in the life of citizens in a representative democracy.

The list below represents books and DVDs, (documentary and fiction films) representing every presidential election since 2000 and many other political contests besides. Come take a look and check a few out along the 3rd floor corridor of Booth.


  • 2004 Presidential Campaign: A Communication Perspective
  • JK526 2004 .A14 2005
  • summary | details
  • Ambling into History: The Unlikely Odyssey Of G.w. Bush
  • Bruni, Frank.
  • E889 .B78 2002x
  • summary | details
  • Battle for America, 2008: The Story Of an Extraordinary Election
  • Balz, Daniel J.
  • E906 .B35 2009
  • summary | details
  • Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom Of Power
  • Unger, Craig.
  • E840.8.R68 U64 2012x
  • summary | details
  • Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can’t Win
  • Steele, Shelby.
  • E901.1.O23 S74 2008
  • summary | details
  • Budd Schulberg’s a Face in the Crowd
  • PN1997 .F23x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?
  • JK5493 2006 .C36 2007x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • Cracked but Not Shattered: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Unsuccessful Campaign for the Presidency
  • E887.C55 C73 2009
  • summary | details
  • Crossroads: The Future Of American Politics
  • JK2316 .C76 2003
  • summary | details
  • Disputed Presidential Election Of 2000: A History and Reference Guide
  • Dover, E. D. (Edwin D.), 1946-
  • JK526 2000 .D676 2003
  • summary | details
  • Double Down: Game Change 2012
  • Halperin, Mark,
  • E910 .H35 2013
  • summary | details
  • Election 2000 the Florida Squeeze.
  • JK526 2000 .E64 2003x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • Election 2004: How Bush Won and What You Can Expect in the Future
  • Thomas, Evan, 1951-
  • E905 .T56 2004x
  • summary | details
  • Epic Journey: The 2008 Elections and American Politics
  • Ceaser, James W.
  • JK526 2008 .C43 2009
  • summary | details
  • First Presidential Contest: 1796 and the Founding Of American Democracy
  • Pasley, Jeffrey L., 1964-
  • E320 .P37 2013
  • summary | details
  • Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, Mccain and Palin, and the Race Of a Lifetime
  • Heilemann, John, 1966-
  • JK526 2008 .H454 2010x
  • summary | details
  • Hanging Chads: The Inside Story Of the 2000 Presidential Recount in Florida
  • Pleasants, Julian M.
  • JK526 2000 .P58 2004
  • summary | details
  • Historical Dictionary Of the Clinton Era
  • Conley, Richard Steven.
  • E885 .C66 2012
  • summary | details
  • How to Predict Elections.
  • Bean, Louis H. (Louis Hyman), 1896-1994.
  • JK2007 .B4
  • summary | details
  • Journeys with George a Home Movie
  • E889 .J68 2004x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • King Of Steeltown Hardball Politics in the Heartland
  • F534.E37 K56 2001x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • Made in Chicago the Making Of Barack Obama
  • E908 .M334 2009x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • Mudslingers: The Top 25 Negative Political Campaigns Of All Time: Countdown from No. 25 to No. 1
  • Swint, Kerwin C.
  • JK2281 .S8798 2006
  • summary | details
  • Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Message Shaped the 2008 Election
  • Kenski, Kate.
  • JK524 .K36 2010
  • summary | details
  • Paler Shade Of Red: The 2008 Presidential Election in the South
  • JK526 2008 .P35 2009
  • summary | details
  • Red over Blue: The 2004 Elections and American Politics
  • Ceaser, James W.
  • JK526 2004 .C43 2005
  • summary | details
  • Thirty Ways Of Looking at Hillary: Reflections by Women Writers
  • E887.C55 T55 2008x
  • summary | details
  • Understanding the 2000 Election: A Guide to the Legal Battles That Decided the Presidency
  • Greene, Abner, 1960-
  • KF5074.2 .G74 2001
  • summary | details
  • Unprecedented the 2000 Presidential Election
  • JK526 2000 .U57 2004x .DVD
  • summary | details
  • Whatever It Takes: The Real Struggle for Political Power in America
  • Drew, Elizabeth.
  • E885 .D75 1997
  • summary | details
  • Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule
  • Frank, Thomas, 1965-
  • JK2356 .F72 2008
  • summary | details
  • Yes We Can! the Barack Obama Story.
  • E907 .Y48 2009x .DVD
  • summary | details