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Speaking the Language of Diversity and Inclusion

EIU strives in word and deed to be a diverse and inclusive university. To meet our goals we need to understand what diversity and inclusion looks like and what it sounds like in everyday speech. To that end, Making Excellence Inclusive ( is presenting a workshop entitled:

Speaking the Language of Diversity and Inclusion

On Monday March 2 at 4 pm in the Tuscola/Arcola room of the MLK Union T. M. Linda Scholz (Associate Professor, Communication Studies) and Richard G. Jones, Jr. (Assistant Professor, Communication Studies) will talk about the importance of a shared terminology when discussing issues of diversity and inclusion.

We learn culture through language and communication. Without a shared language, cultural change is difficult at best. In an effort to understand what it really means to integrate diversity into EIU’s student life activities, curriculum and pedagogy, and faculty development as well as into the Charleston community, we need to share a common language. This workshop is designed to help us understanding what is meant by “diversity,” “racism,” “white privilege,” “oppression,” “homophobia,” and the list goes, in an effort to work toward creating campus and community climates that move beyond tolerance to understanding and integration.

The resources available at Booth Library can help us share a common language around these issues.

book cover image

The Encyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity
edited by Linwood H. Cousins
Gale Virtual Reference Library
view online


screenshot image

book cover image



Revisioning Diversity in Communication Studies
by Armado Rodriguez



GVRL logo image

89 results for the search term “homophobia” from various Gale Virtual Reference Library resources (off campus login required)






White Privilege: a streaming video from Booth Library: Alexander Street Press Counseling and Therapy in video collection.

(Access restricted to on campus or authenticated EIU users)

Also available in the series:
Christian Privilege
Male Privilege
Straight Privilege
Social Class Privilege
Able Bodied Privilege

DVD cover image


Tim Wise: on White Privilege: racism, white denial and the costs on inequality
by Tim J. Wise and Sut Jhally, 2008
call number E185.615 T55 2008x DVD



book cover image
Encyclopedia of Social Theory

edited by George Ritzer
call number HM425 .E47 2005
Reference Room, non-circulating
also online


Eat a good book lately?

book with bite

Eating and reading are two pleasures
that combine admirably.” 

— C.S. Lewis


Take a look at the good reads in Booth’s main corridor.  Just don’t eat them all at once. . . .

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
PS3607 .R348 A64 2010

GR1The Cuckoo’s Calling
PR6068 .O93 C83 2013

Cushion in the Road: Meditation and Wandering as the Whole World Awakens to Being in Harm’s Way
PS3573 .A425 A6 2013

Jump Soul: New and Selected Poems
PS3569 .M5163 A6 2014

Leaving Everything Most Loved: a Novel
PR6123 .I575 L43x 2013

The Mapping of Love and Death: a Maisie Dobbs Novel
PR6123 .I575 M37 2010

GR2Margaret Fuller: a New American Life
PS2506 .M37 2013

The Night Guest
PR9619.4 .M38355 N54 2013

The Odyssey
PA4025 .A5 M58 2013

The Quantum Thief
PR9170 .F563 R35 2011

A Season in the Congo
PQ3949 .C44 S213 2010X

GR3Shatter Me
PS3613 .M335 S52 2011x

A Tale for the Time Being
PS3565 .Z45 T35 2013

Unravel Me
PS3613 .M335 U57 2013x

The Wedding Gift
PS3602 .O32563 W43 2013  

Civil Rights: Freedom Rising

rosa parks

December 1, 1955: Rosa Parks in jail after having refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus.

 Courage.  Conviction.  Sacrifice.

This month we’re looking back and remembering
those who marched, protested, and stood tall
in the face of fierce opposition
to win civil rights for
African Americans.


African American history is the subject of this book display on the third floor of Booth Library.  Prepare to be inspired.


CR1A Chosen Exile: a
History of Racial
Passing in American Life

E185.625 .H63 2014

Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops
E540 .N3 S67 2013

Making Freedom: the Underground Railroad and the Politics of

E450 .B59 2013

Freedom’s Ballot: African American
Political Struggles in Chicago from Abolition to the Great Migration

F548.9 .N4 M34

A Working People: a History of African American Workers Since Emancipation
HD808.1 .A65 R45 2013

Cornel West on Black Prophetic Fire
E185.96 .W47 2014

The Rise of Chicago’s Black Metropolis, 1920-1929
F548.9 .N4 R445 2011

CR2In Remembrance of Emmett Till: Regional Stories and Media
Responses to the Black Freedom Struggle

E184.93 .M5 M24

A Decisive Decade: an Insider’s View of the Chicago Civil Rights Movement During the 1960s
F548.9 .N4 M34 2013

An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Two Presidents, Two Parties, and the Battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1964
KF4744.5151964 .P87 2014


Malcolm X at Oxford Union: Racial Politics in a Global Era
BP223 .Z8 L57163 2014

The March on Washington: Jobs, Freedom, and the Forgotten
History of Civil Rights

F200 .J66 2013

This is the Day: the March on Washington
F200 .F74 2013

CR3This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement

E185.61 .C633 2014

The Freedom Summer Murders
E185.93 .M6 M58 2014x

The Black Revolution on Campus
LC781 .B38 2012

Some of My Best Friends Are Black: the Strange Story of
Integration in America

E184 .A1 C537



Celebrate! Black History Month

close-up image of Kente Cloth

 Throughout our nation’s history, black men and women have made important contributions in science, the arts, politics, civil rights, and fields across the spectrum of our society.  This month we have placed on display many of the African American History and Culture resources from our reference collection. Several are listed below and many more are on display in the Reference Room.

nb1African American Genealogical

E185.96 .A444 1995

African-American Religious Leaders: A-Z of African Americans
BL72 .A27 2003

Encyclopedia of African American

E185 .E544 2010

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History: the Black Experience in the Americas
E185 .E54 2006

Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America
E185.96 .F2 1997

The Harlem Renaissance: a Gale Critical Companion
PS153 .N5 H245 2003


Icons of African American Literature: the Black Literary World

PS153 .N5 I33 2011

Icons of African American Protest: Trailblazing Activists of the Civil Rights Movement
E185.96 .K56 2009

International Dictionary of Black Composers
ML105 .I5 1999


Notable Black American Men
E185.86 .N68 1999

The Routledge Atlas of African American

E185 .E125 2000

nb4Timelines of African American
500 Years of Black Achievement

E185 .C86 1994

Who’s Who Among African

E185.96 .W521x


New titles at Booth for January

Professor David S Bell has released the new titles list for books,  DVDs, music scores, CDs, maps, reference works, and electronic materials for January 2015.
A monthly feature of the Booth library Website, The list conveniently organizes materials into different locations and media types.

screenshot of website new titles list

The new titles are listed by their call number. You can review new titles for each month dating back years. Another feature of the page is the link to a specialized search box that allows you to retrieve new items based on the search categories you select.


Here are the results of new titles added in January for…






Darwin Day 2015

In support of the Biology Department’s
Darwin Day lecture series,
Booth Library has on display a curated list of books and DVDs on primate and human evolution.

image of Charles Darwin

Learn about me on “Darwin Day”!

Darwin Day is February 12th, the date of birth of Charles Darwin in the year 1809, at Shrewsbury, England. On this date, and throughout the month, people from all over the world are honoring the life, work and influence of Charles Darwin with events and activities which celebrate science and our shared humanity. Join in the events and celebrate the adventure of science, and the ‘passion to know’ that drives us to inquire, explore and discover what this world is all about. All events are free and open to the public.

Explore this topic by following the links to book and DVD catalog records, or visit the book display on the third floor of Booth Library in the main corridor.

image of display table


Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives: How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health
RA778 .T673 2010

Cooperation in Primates and Humans: Mechanisms and Evolution
QL737 .P9 C664 2006

Defending the Cavewoman: and Other Tales of Evolutionary Neurology
RC359 .K578 2000

Diseases and Human Evolution
RA651 .B365 2005

Evolutionary Aspects of Nutrition and Health: Diet, Exercise, Genetics, and Chronic Disease
QP141.A1 W59 v.84

Feeding Ecology in Apes and Other Primates: Ecological, physical and behavioral aspects
QL737.P9 F373 2006

Human Evolutionary
Genetics: Origins,
Peoples & Disease

QH431 .J53 2004

Individual Development and Evolution: the Genesis of Novel Behavior
book cover image
QH438.5 .G68 1992

Primate and Human Evolution
QL737 .P9 C33 2006

Primate Behavior and the Emergence of Human Culture
GN280.7 .L36



Primate Behavioral Ecology
book cover imageQL737 .P9 S764 2003x

Primate Ecology and Conservation: a handbook of techniques
QL737 .P9 P672338 2013

Primate Ethnographies
QL737.P9 P672456 2014


Primate Ethologybook cover image
QL785.5 .P7 M6x

Primate Origins of Human Cognition and Behavior
QL737 .P9 M345 2001

Primate Tourism: a tool for conservation?
G156.6 E26

Sex, Genes & Rock ‘n’ Roll: How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World book cover iMAGE
GN281 .B764 2011b

Shaping Primate Evolution
QL737 .P9 S453 2004

The Socioecology of Adult Female Patas Monkeys and Vervets in Kenya 
QL737 .P93 P78 2009

The Third Chimpanzee: the Evolution and Future of the Human Animal
GN281 .D53 1992



Western Diseases: an Evolutionary Perspective
RB152 .P655 2008

World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics
QP141 .A1 W59 v.84

DVDs and streaming video:

Are We Still Evolving?
GN281 .A74 2011 .DVD

Chimpanzees Today
QL737 .P96 C452 2005x .DVD

Horizon / The Ape that Took Over the World
GN283.25 .H67 2003x .DVD

Human Life
GN281 .H852x 2005 .DVD

Project Nim
QL737 .P96 P762 2012x .DVD

Walking with Cavemen
GN284 .H65 2003x .DVD

Hominid evolution 1: The early stages

Hominid Evolution 2: The Genus Homo
click to stream

World: a television history: chapter 1, Human Origins (10,000,000 B.C.E. – 8,000 B.C.E.)  (1985)
a series based on the Times Atlas of World History
click to stream

Chimpanzees today (also available as a DVD)
click to stream

The list is curated by Kirstin Duffin, Librarian for Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Geography.

Guest lecturer Dr. Jill Pruetz, Iowa State University – Department of Anthropology, (who will present “Life on the Savana.” in Doudna Lecture Hall at 7:00 pm on Monday February 9), authored the above listed book Socioecology of adult female patas monkeys and vervets in Kenya (2009) . Dr. Pruetz also authored the following book chapters: “Feeding ecology of savanna chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) at Fongoli, Senegal” in Feeding Ecology in Apes and Other Primates: Ecological, physical and behavioral aspects (2006), and the chapter “Studying Apes in a human landscape” in Primate Ethnographies (2013).

Guest lecturer Dr. Michael Muehlenbein, Indiana University – Department of Anthropology, (who will present Hormones, Health, and Life Histories” in Doudna Lecture Hall at 5:00 pm on Tuesday February 10), authored the chapters “Considering risks of pathogen transmission associated with primate-based tourism” in Primate tourism: a tool for conservation? (2014) and “Health assessment and epidemiology” in Primate ecology and conservation: a handbook of techniques (2013). Both of these books are also listed above.

Accompanying the Book and DVD display is this collection of skulls from the EIU Biology Department

image of primate skull
image of primate skull
image of display case