Veterans sought for library exhibit

Booth Library is seeking on-campus and East Central Illinois veterans with tattoos to be featured in its spring 2018 exhibit titled “Designs of Duty.”

“Designs of Duty” will focus on veterans and their service-related tattoos. Veterans will be interviewed, as well as have their tattoos photographed. The exhibit will be on display at Booth Library in the spring of 2018 and will be offered for display at other libraries in the region.

We are looking for veterans with tattoos related to their service who are willing to meet for an in-person interview and be photographed for the exhibit. We will ask that they submit a service photo of themselves, and they must agree to allow these photos, videos and information to be included in the exhibit and for publicity purposes.

Booth Library staff would appreciate the opportunity to interview veterans who are willing to share their stories and the inspiration behind their tattoos.

To participate in “Designs of Duty,” please contact Beth Heldebrandt, public relations director, at or 217-581-6064.

2 thoughts on “Veterans sought for library exhibit

  1. Ashley cassiday

    My husband is a veteran and has an amazing tattoo. But I’m not sure what you mean about service related. He doesn’t have the marine symbol or anything he has his parents grave with 2 angels and a bible verse. He got his tattoo while he was in the service. Is this something that would work for your exhibit?

    1. Elizabeth M. Heldebrandt Post author

      Hi, Ashley. Thanks for writing. We are interviewing veterans with tattoos that are related in some way to their military service. It doesn’t have to be a military symbol, etc., but it should be inspired by or related in some way to his military service. I hope this answers your question. It sounds like his tattoo probably doesn’t apply, but if it does we would love to include him in our exhibit. Get back in touch and we will set up a time for an interview and photos. Thank you! Beth Heldebrandt, Booth Library, 581-6064,


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