Lexis Nexis platform becomes Nexis Uni

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, the Lexis Nexis database became Nexis Uni, offering the same content in a new platform.

Nexis Uni features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis with an intuitive interface that offers quick discovery across all content types, personalization features such as alerts and saved searches, and a collaborative workspace with shared folders and annotated documents.

Nexis Uni enables quick discovery across all content types, personalized discipline pages for those who set up individual profiles and a collaborative workspace for group assignments.

Students who have grown up googling will appreciate the streamlined interface of Nexis Uni. It begins at the big search box. Students can quickly conduct either natural language or complex Boolean searches across the entire content collection, making it an ideal tool for novice and advanced researchers alike.

Nexis Uni helps students find credible sources, including:

— Print and online journals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires and blogs;

— Local, regional, national and international newspapers with deep archives;

— Extensive legal sources for federal and state cases and statutes, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1790;

— Unparalleled business information on more than 80 million U.S. and international companies and more than 75 million executives.

Nexis Uni offers many ways to customize your research experience based on your preferences. As you familiarize yourself with Nexis Uni, it is recommended that you review these tools and use them to customize your experience.

For help with navigating the new Nexis Uni, visit your Booth Library reference librarians, call them at 581-6072 or chat here.

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