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Library catalog upgraded

The Booth Library catalog was upgraded to a new version on July 23, 2018.  Many features and functions remain the same, so users familiar with the old version should find using the new version easy.  However, there are a number of new features that are welcome improvements.

Single Sign-On.  You may log in to your personal information using your EIU NetID and password.  Detailed instructions can be found using the Login Help button in the upper right corner of the catalog screen.

New Search Methods.  At the bottom of the screen of the new version of the catalog there is a “Browse Alphabetically” link.  This offers a suite of searches that let you specify a starting point in a list and then move forward or backward from that point as far as you like.  The Browse Alphabetically choices are:

Similar Items.  When a single bibliographic record is displayed, the catalog displays links to additional resources that have elements in common.

Responsive Web Design.  The catalog can be viewed easily with full functionality on screens of any size.

New Content.  A new set of HathiTrust Digital Library public domain records are available and updated regularly as additional content becomes available.

Wall Street Journal, Westlaw are among new electronic resources

The library now has access to two new databases for legal and news research.  Both combine a clean, easy-to-use interface with valuable research content.

Global Newsstream provides a searchable interface for global news from thousands of full-text newspapers, newswires, blogs, and news sites.  Included are many national and international papers, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, as well as two major, popular newspapers which are newly available to EIU patrons in online format: The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Defender.

Westlaw Campus Research: Law is a comprehensive database for US legal research.  It contains all state and federal legal cases, annotated statutes, regulations, administrative materials, and Federal Agency decisions/ opinions, as well as the KeyCite legal citator and more than 800 law reviews and journals.

These new electronic resources replace Lexis Nexis Academic/Nexis Uni.

For more information about these new databases, please contact your subject librarian or call the library reference desk at 581-6072.


Global Newsstream


Westlaw Campus Research: Law