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Government Documents–fun & interesting sites to investigate

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Victorian Lady Liberty

The United States Government Printing Office (the GPO) is the world’s largest printer and you have access to much of that here at Booth Library’s Federal & State Depository. Government Documents (GovDocs) are not just legislation, statistics, taxes or HealthCare.gov: GovDocs can enrich your day-to-day existence in all kinds of ways!

With all the great weather this season you may want to check out the following links to help you get back-to-nature; learn about plants; listen to music; and visit parks, museums or other libraries.


  • Feel like singing in the rain? You’ll find all types music recordings–whether you are into blues, folk, jazz, gospel, and more–as well as speeches and oral history at the Library of Congress’ site American Memory
  • The National Jukebox, also at the Library of Congress, has over 10,000 recordings for your aural pleasure (Includes yodeling and whistling music!)