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Featured Government and Government related land use websites

Just out! Current government and government related sites recommended by GOVDOC-L, the Government Documents Listserv.

Since we are in the heart of farming country here are a couple of sites of agricultural and rural studies interest… , Sponsored in part by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, provides information on Corporate investments in world-wide farming.
from the site: “ is an online repository of publicly available contracts for large-scale land, agriculture, and forestry projects. The repository includes the full text of contracts; plain language summaries of each contract’s key social, environmental, human rights, fiscal, and operational terms; and tools for searching and comparing contracts. Launched in October 2015, promotes greater transparency of land-based investments, facilitates a better understanding of the contracts that govern them, and provides useful tools for governments, communities, companies, and other stakeholders.

Also, the USDA Agricultural Research Service, ( a great site providing information on topics like: new biopestides, new breeds of high yield strawberries, and TONS of nutrition information



Welcome to govnews!

Booth Library is pleased to launch a new information service , “govnews.” Govnews will share interesting and topical stories featuring government information found in the Booth Library Government Documents collections. We hope this service will enhance your knowledge and assist you with finding important and often hard-to-find Illinois State and Federal Government information.